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What is is a daily summary of news relating to U.S. farm policy. Updates highlight news items dealing with production, trade, development and transatlantic issues regarding U.S. and EU agricultural policy. enjoys a reading audience from across the political spectrum. Readers include congressional committee staff, congressional staff, U.S.D.A. officials, well-respected agricultural journalists, professors, state and national farm organization leaders, commodity group leaders, producers, agri-businesses, consultants, lobbyists, attorneys, not-for-profit organizations and market analysts.

International readership includes farm policy leaders from, Brussels, Ottawa, Canberra, Brasilia, Tokyo, Wellington and Paris.

In short, reaches the individuals who make farm policy, write about farm policy and influence the debate over the direction of U.S. farm policy.

Who is Keith Good?

Keith Good grew up in Central Illinois where both his Grandfathers operated successful farming operations.

He graduated from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale (B.A. 1992, Economics, J.D. 1998, School of Law), and Purdue University (M.S. 1994, Agricultural Economics). He is licensed to practice law in Arkansas and Washington, D.C.

He is President of, Inc. and is a Research Fellow at the German Marshall Fund of the United States.